Many companies outsource a part of their services to external firms. However, often companies make the decision to create their own in-house team. This decision may seem safe, but it can be short-sighted. The main drawbacks of such solutions are primarily costs: Creating and maintaining an in-house team involves high expenses. These costs include employee salaries, benefits, training, technological infrastructure, recruitment costs, and employment expenses. These costs can be significantly higher than the costs of outsourcing. Additionally, finding suitable talent and building an efficient team can be difficult and time-consuming. The recruitment process requires resources, time, and know-how to identify the best candidates. Furthermore, team maintenance requires management, development, and employee retention, which can be challenging.

In addition to purely economic arguments, other significant factors include technological risk and employee turnover risk: Technology is constantly advancing, and keeping an in-house team fully acquainted with the latest tools and technologies can be challenging. If you don’t invest in regular training and development of your team, there is a risk of falling behind the competition. Employees in the in-house team may leave the company, leading to a loss of knowledge and experience. Rehiring and training new employees becomes necessary, which can result in delays and costs.

Choosing Wisely: Navigating Industry Knowledge Gaps in Outsourcing

It all sounds very logical, but what if I lack industry knowledge? After all, the programmers I hire will be trained to develop software according to my needs. Others may not have that specialization. Well, in a document published by SOURCESEEK, companies from the Western European bloc have a wide range of experiences in various industries. The key is to choose wisely.

Outsourcing companies specializing in custom software development possess broad knowledge and experience in software creation. They have highly skilled programmers, designers, and testers who are experts in their fields. As a result, you can benefit from best practices and the latest technologies that an internal team may not possess. Outsourcing provides flexibility in terms of team size. You can easily adjust the number of programmers to meet project requirements. If you need additional resources for a short period, the outsourcing company can provide them. When the project is completed, you can release surplus resources, allowing for optimal resource utilization. The outsourcing company bears the responsibility for project outcomes. Clear success indicators and deadlines can be established in the outsourcing agreement, which must be met. In the event of non-compliance or delays, the external company bears the consequences, not you.

  • Excellent linguistic skills: Polish professionals have a reputation for having excellent linguistic skills, particularly in English, enabling seamless communication with international clients.
  • Exceptional custom software development: Polish software development companies are known for delivering exceptional custom software solutions that meet and exceed client expectations.
  • Time-to-market advantage: With a large pool of skilled professionals and efficient project management practices, Polish outsourcing companies can often deliver projects within tight deadlines.
  • Geographical location and alignment of time zones: Poland’s geographical location in Central Europe makes it easily accessible for businesses in both Western and Eastern regions.
  • Competitive pricing: Polish software development companies often offer competitive pricing compared to their counterparts in Western Europe or North America.
  • Adherence to data protection regulations in Poland: Poland has stringent data protection regulations in line with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Polish coders align with relevant skills demanded by the industry: Polish IT graduates and professionals possess a strong skill set that matches the demands of the industry.
  • Access to the latest technologies: Polish software development firms are known for staying up-to-date with the latest technological advancements.
  • Broad talent pool: Poland has a thriving IT industry with a vast talent pool of skilled software developers, designers, and specialists

How to avoid failure?

It’s worth checking the reviews of the chosen company on the platform. It is a reputable website specializing in gathering reviews and ratings from clients of various business services, including software development companies. This allows you to obtain credible information about the experiences of other clients with a particular company. The reviews are based on real customer experiences and are verified, meaning they are authentic and come from actual clients of the company. Therefore, you can rely on these reviews as reliable and valuable sources of information. provides comprehensive evaluations of companies, covering various aspects of their operations such as service quality, communication, timeliness, professionalism, and effectiveness. This enables you to gain a fuller picture of a given company and make a more informed choice. Additionally, ensures comparability among companies through rankings and industry-specific lists, making it easier to compare and find the best service provider for your specific project. The platform also provides information about company profiles, geographical reach, project portfolios, and lists of reference clients, allowing you to thoroughly familiarize yourself with a company before making a decision.

How NEATsoft exceeds among other strong custom software development companies In Poland.

NEATsoft stands out among other strong custom software development companies in Poland for several reasons. One key advantage is that NEATsoft provides all of its services in-house. This means that the entire software development process, from ideation to design, development, testing, and deployment, is handled by NEATsoft’s in-house team. By having all the necessary expertise and resources under one roof, NEATsoft ensures seamless collaboration, efficient communication, and streamlined project management.

Additionally, NEATsoft differentiates itself by offering its own design and translation specialists to cater to clients’ needs in all European languages. Having dedicated design specialists ensures that the software developed by NEATsoft not only functions effectively but also has an intuitive and visually appealing user interface. This attention to design enhances user experience and sets NEATsoft apart from competitors who may not offer such specialized design services in-house.

Moreover, NEATsoft’s provision of translation specialists for all European languages is a significant advantage for clients targeting diverse markets. Localization plays a crucial role in custom software development, and NEATsoft’s ability to provide translation services internally eliminates the need for external resources or intermediaries. This ensures accurate and culturally appropriate translations, leading to better user engagement and market penetration in various European countries.

By offering all services in-house, including design and translation specialists, NEATsoft delivers comprehensive solutions to its clients. This approach ensures greater control over the development process, facilitates efficient communication and collaboration, and enables the delivery of high-quality software tailored to clients’ specific requirements.