Are you planning to finally turn your idea into an actual mobile application and thinking what the cost of creating such software might be? It probably won’t surprise you to hear that it all depends on many factors which we will try to present in this blog post.  

Fortunately, you will learn what factors affect the cost of creating a mobile application, which will allow you to make a first estimation of the cost of your project.  

Read the following article which will introduce you to the process of mobile app development and help you make more considered business decisions in this direction. 

Mobile app development – how much can it cost? 

The cost of developing a custom mobile application is a frequently asked question by our clients. However, the final price is determined by many factors, including specific requirements, unique idea and external market conditions. At the beginning, it is important to consider the type of product you intend to develop and your choice of development partner, as prices can vary depending on these factors, as well as the region. 

It is very difficult to give any numbers in terms of the cost of creating a mobile app while the average cost of app development can be in the range of: 

Mobile application of minimum complexity (MVP – Minimum Viable Product) is about €10,000.

Mobile application of medium complexity is a cost between €10,000 and €50,000.

Mobile application of high complexity is a cost well above €200,000. 

Despite the fact that creating the exact cost of creating the software is very difficult, it is worth contacting a company that will be able to create an approximate cost of creating the application by estimating the number of hours needed to perform the task, the number of people and the programming language that will be used during the creation. 

Contact us and introduce your project, and we will prepare an estimate of the initial cost of creating software that fits your budget. 

What factors affect mobile app development cost? 

See what affects the final cost of developing a mobile app. Of course, there may be even more side factors however in this post we will focus on the most well-known factors that affect the cost of an app. 

  • Type of design and functionality 
  • Mobile app development team 
  • Design and user experience (UX) 
  • Mobile app development technologies 
  • Testing mobile app 
  • Number and type of target audience 
  • Ongoing maintenance 

Let’s read which factors affect mobile app development cost in detail:

Type of design and functionality 

The design and functionality of an application play a key role in affecting its cost. The more complex and multi-functional application, the greater the amount of work required, which translates into higher costs. The specific type of project, whether it is a simple utility application or an advanced gaming platform, will affect the total cost. Determining the design and functionality requirements at the beginning will provide a starting point for estimating the price of the application. 

Mobile app development team 

The development team plays a significant role in determining the cost of developing an application. Factors such as team size, experience and location can affect the price. Hiring a larger team with a variety of skills and experience may cost more, but can speed up the development process and ensure a higher quality end product. In addition, the location of the development team can affect costs, as rates vary by region. Nowadays, outsourcing IT services is especially popular, bringing many benefits such as time savings and convenience. With outsourcing, you have the opportunity to work with companies from all over the world, giving you a wide choice of partners. In addition, thanks to today’s technology, remote communication has become extremely efficient and pleasant, facilitating remote cooperation. If you are interested in outsourcing mobile application development in Poland contact us!

Design and user experience (UX) 

A well-designed and user-friendly application is critical to user engagement and retention. Investing in an attractive visual design, intuitive navigation and a smooth user experience can contribute to the overall cost. Design elements, such as custom graphics and animations, can require additional resources and impact development costs. However, these investments can increase the appeal of the application and user satisfaction, leading to long-term success. At NEATsoft, we provide a comprehensive mobile app development service, including the design of all necessary graphics. 

Mobile app development technologies 

The choice of technology and programming language significantly affects the cost of application development. Deciding to develop native apps, which involves creating separate apps for different operating systems such as iOS or Android, can be more expensive than developing cross-platform apps. The choice of development frameworks, libraries and tools also affects development costs. It is important to keep a balance between using advanced technologies and considering the associated development costs. 

Testing mobile app 

Precise testing is critical to delivering a reliable and efficient application. Testing processes, including functional testing, usability testing and performance testing, contribute to overall development costs. By dedicating enough resources to thorough testing, you can discover and resolve any problems before your app is released. This ensures that users have a great experience and reduces the need to fix bugs after the app is launched. Of course, such activities affect the cost of the application, but they ensure its stability and user experience. 

Number and type of target audience 

The number and type of people who will use the app can affect the cost of developing it. If the app is going to run on many different devices, screens and operating systems, it may require more time and money to develop. In addition, if you want to customize the app’s features and design for specific groups of people or markets, this can also affect the overall development budget. 

Ongoing maintenance 

The cost of creating an application goes beyond the initial development phase. Ongoing maintenance is crucial to ensure that the application remains relevant and up-to-date. Developing an application is an ongoing process that requires constant maintenance to keep it safe, compatible and satisfying for users. It is important to consider this aspect when budgeting for application development. Simply launching an application without investing in ongoing monitoring and updates will make the software outdated. Without regular maintenance, bug fixes, feature enhancements and updates, the app may lose popularity, causing users to switch to more innovative alternatives available on the market.  

Mobile application cost – summary 

As you can see, the cost of developing a mobile application includes many factors. In the article we pointed out the key issues, but it is important to remember that every project, idea and mobile application is different and the cost of creating a mobile application is always adjusted to the individual project after contacting us. It is important to start working with a company that understands your business needs and provides an initial cost estimate for creating an app. 

As we wrote earlier, it is often not possible to give an exact price for the project, but the more information we get from the client, the more personalized project valuation we will be able to prepare for you. 

If you are wondering how much your product may cost – contact us – we will clarify any doubts and estimate the approximate cost of the project.